Coming in February… Terrarium Terror!

Stinky2 cover

Stinky Cecil is back in a hilarious new adventure: Stinky Cecil in Terrarium Terror! 

Join the whole pond gang for this second installment in the Stinky Cecil graphic novel series hitting bookshelves on February 2, 2016.
Cecil and his amphibian pals are taking a well-deserved break after saving their pond from freeway construction when a third-grade science class shows up for a field trip. The kids nab Cecil for their classroom terrarium!At first Cecil is terrified, but he quickly gets used to being a class pet. That is, until Nesbit the chameleon shows up. Nesbit wants to be just like Cecil, so he matches his colors and follows him all around the terrarium. He’s driving Cecil crazy!

Meanwhile, Cecil’s pals back at the pond are planning a rescue mission using Jeff the hamster’s radio controlled helicopter. But what will they do about Nesbit?

PLUS: Author Paige Braddock will be signing copies of the new graphic novel at this year’s LumaCON on Saturday, January 30. Hope to see you there!

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